Zen Kids Group Classes now Enrolling!

Zenki’s Online Academy

Greetings Zenki Community,

By mayoral mandate: Zenki Dojo is indefinitely closed. However, our team has jumped on some creative solutions to help you and your family continue to have access to your martial arts and physical health practice. We will continue to update you with more info as it comes our way. Here are our current solutions to keep you active in your practice (please read everything):

1. ZENKI ONLINE ACADEMY: Sensei Tim and our team are putting together an online curriculum available exclusively to our active members! We will be emailing you an access code this week. Our online academy will have videos of curriculum, WOOD, katas, etc. Stay tuned.

-KATAS COMPETITION! Youth students: teach your katas to your parents, video them and email them to us or tag @zenkidojo and #zenkikatas on Instagram. The best video submission will win a special prize!
-BELT TEST eligible students: we will be emailing you your belt test curriculum so that you can continue to prepare for your exam.

3. LIVE CLASSES available for youth and adult members! For ZOOM meetings: download the Zoom app on your phone or computer. Use the individual meeting link to join in on the live class. Videos will be saved and uploaded to our Zenki Online Academy. Email info@zenkidojo.com for access codes!

Monday 11:00am – Fight Conditioning Throwdown (Greg)
Monday 12:00pm – Family Kenpo Karate Drills, Jiu Jitsu Ne Waza Drills and Katas (Sensei)

Tuesday 11:00am – Technical Tuesday (Muay Thai) (Greg)
Tuesday 3:00pm – Advanced Kenpo Katas and Jiu Jitsu Movement Drills (Sensei)

Wednesday 12:00pm – Family Kenpo Karate Drills, Jiu Jitsu Ne Waza Drills and Katas (Sensei)

Thursday 5:00pm – Fundaments Bjj Floor Movement Drills (Zac/Sensei Christian)

Friday 5:00pm – Boxing Punch up (Boxing) (Greg)

Saturday 10:00am – Zenkifit/Zenki Strength/ Classical Martial Arts Movement (Sensei)
Saturday 11:00am – Advanced Kenpo Karate Striking Drills and Kata Renshu (Sensei)

Sunday – Recover. Hard.

4. ZENKI CHALLENGE IS STILL ON (but let’s focus on the fitness aspect, and eating a healthy diet). Here’s how you can participate: post an aspect of your daily workout to IG #zenkisolochallenge. The member with the most posts at the end of the quarantine wins a special prize.

We plan to continue to pay our front desk staff and teachers during this closure. We ask those of you who are financially able to stick with us in these difficult times to continue your memberships. This support will not go unrecognized; we are already brainstorming a cool way to thank you when this crisis is over.

Throughout all of this, we have been overwhelmed by your support, patience, and understanding. Your response has been a bright light amid these uncertain times. From the bottom of our hearts, thank you for being a part of our community.

Stay Zen,
Sensei Tim Santos + the Zenki Dojo team