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Kenpo-Jitsu Ryu (Kids and Adults)

Learn how to defend yourself against a street fighter. Kenpo, a martial art combining Karate, Kung Fu and Jiu-Jitsu, offers practical self-defense techniques designed for both street attacks and trained attacks. Class starts with a plyometric fitness warm up before applying drills and techniques. Discipline your mind, body, and spirit to focus on self-improvement both training in this practice and throughout your life. Rental Gis are available upon request. Gi required. Pee Wee: 4-7years old, Juniors 8+yrs, Adults 16+yrs


A note from Sensei Tim

I hope everyone is staying well and healthy despite these tumultuous times... We need to be with people that matter the most and support each other during these times of crisis. I will be here. We are warriors. Zanshin 残心- be in a state of calm, preparedness with a strong state of mind. As a community or a family, we will all get through this. Thank you for everyone’s support and strength. I send all my love and sensei energy to everyone.

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