Zen Kids Group Classes now Enrolling!

30 day challenge include:

*No refined sugar, no wheat or wheat products, or tequila (even though its considered Keto) & must check in to 4 classes a week. “Secret classes” available not listed online if you take part in the challenge if you’d like to change your diet even more, follow our Zenki diet list and live a stricter lifestyle. Registration is $30.  To participate in our 30 day Zenki Challenge® please print and review the following forms: Please follow the official list for guidance on what to eat and what to avoid. Print, complete ,and turn in the agreement form for official participation.

miarunsforchocolate*You will get your registration back after 30 days if you are able to complete the challenge or have the option to donate to charity. This year we are sponsoring a suicide prevention run with Zenki member, Mia Stewart. Please consult your physician before joining.

Email charlotte@zenkidojo.com to sign up today!

Zenki Challenge Official Diet List


Zenki Challenge Agreement


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